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  President Trump Holds Teleconference With Governors  CSPAN  March 19, 2020 9:37pm-10:35pm EDT

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'sperience and new york city response to the outbreak. watch "washington journal." join the discussion. >> next, president trump holding a teleconference call with coronavirusr response efforts. we also hear from vice president ants, and white house coronavirus coordinator dr. birx. it took place at the coordination center in washington. this is an hour-long portion of the event because of technical difficulties. >> mr. president, vice president, thank you for being here. your visit as you dedicated last , the the national emergency
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has empowered fema. we continue to support the emergency of all elements and working with interagency and local partners. the governors will be here in a few minutes. they know the fema process and how it works. it is the process we will be using going forward to make sure they are linked up with emergency operations. thank you for being here, we look forward to your remarks. pres. trump: thank you very much, it is great having fema involved, we have had tremendous success working together, and we appreciate the people here. you are doing a fantastic job. when we gave the order, fema is totally involved in addition to everybody else. a lot of progress is being made. i look forward to speaking to
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the governors. we have close to 50 of the governors and some territories, and just about everybody showed up. that is very nice. we will put them on the screen as soon as you want. mike do you want to say something? v.p. pence: thank you mr. president, i want to add our thanks not only to the great takes the and as fema lead implement thing the you dos you approve, as continually -- i want to thank all the governors joining us today. today is an opportunity to talk about the progress we are making on mitigation, on testing, on supplies. 's missionand as fema
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be locallyffort will executed, state managed, federally supported. i want the governors to know we are with you every step of the way. we are determined at the president's direction that you see the resources, as you to the health and well-being of your communities. we commend the governors. as we told the country today, are 50% of the coronavirus is in america. we are focusing resources at the point of the need. the governors in those states and state health officials are responding with professionalism and great speed. we will support those directly impacted. by standing up through your national emergency declaration, standing up fema and the
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response coronation center, we want our governors and state and local health officials to know we are bringing the full weight of the federal government to support our states and local communities. we will get through this coronavirus together. pres. trump: i agree 100%. for the media, perhaps you can stand aside. we have the screen behind you. we will open this up to the governors. go ahead. ok, who is next? >> this is brian kemp from georgia. pres. trump: i can hear you fine. gov. kemp: i want to thank you for the constant communication.
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that fema hasall done. i have three quick things, one, to leave encourage you the national guard with the governors. as you know, we are on the front line of the fight, we are in the fight with you, but i believe we can make those directives on what is going on in our state. pres. trump: i like that idea, that is done, i like it. gov. kemp: i want to thank you for standing up the federal facility, we have had many passengers from the grand 500.ess in georgia, almost all over the country we are glad to work with you, our neighbors from other states. we are down to about 200 people there now.
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we have things working well there. i want to encourage you, when those visitors leave, i would like you to consider leaving that facility to help us with the surge we are seeing in our metro atlanta area hospitals. keep that on the table if you are willing to consider that. the third thing, this is a big idea, a stimulus package continues to move through congress, we created an economic impact subcommittee coronavirus task force. they have a recommendation, we ing it allvett theing, one idea is unlike recession when things went down slowly and states had time to prepare, we are facing a drastic revenue drop. the idea of a block grant to the
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states would help with shortfalls. that is something i would like you to consider. also we had an idea on unemployment insurance. i will give that to you for consideration. pres. trump: ok. know you have a lot of things to consider, i wanted to throw that out there. thank you for the constant medication and support. thank you, we will consider everything you have said. ok, who is next? next governor, please. [indiscernible] pres. trump: you are looking well, phil. >> so argue, good to see you and the vice president. , we have hadoints
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a good week with fema, so i want to give them a shout out. fema is helping set up testing. today we talked about repurposing facilities from our beds. .a., two areas, one in terms of where we will need some help. one is to underscore test points and block grants. those will be important for us to allow us to continue to serve our people, and secondly the lord helps those who help themselves, we are doing everything we can. we are getting donations, but we will still need something for the strategic stockpile. you. trump: phil, try what can, do the best you can do get what you can get.
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we are having a lot of things produced that nobody has ever seen anything like this before. our block grants, we will consider that. thank you, phil. bell. john >> we appreciate the communication, coordination and help. i wanted to put on your radar byeen if you look at cases state on a per capita basis, we are at the top of the country. infrastructure -- my fear based on models i received is that in as early as seven days we could see our and we mailed a get an additional three days. ofm asking for help in terms surging our medical capacity. we have requests, we have a va
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hospital where we requested to service patients, we have not received the response yet. we have a request for federal stations from we are just asking for help. we will do everything we can to mitigate the spread, but in the time we have, we have to increase our surge capacity. that is my biggest concern, and i wanted to express that to you. pres. trump: what is your second request? request beyond surge capacity is looking at the national guard. pres. trump: we will look at that, i will try to get you immediate approval on the hospital. v.a.ll speak to the
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we will get that approved for you one way or another. thanks a lot. i might ask briefly while we are waiting for the next governor to if you could say a few words, and deborah, if you could say a few words. v.p. pence: we thank all the governors for your leadership, confrontingin the coronavirus. a few updates for each of you. i want you to make your citizens aware the president signed the family first coronavirus act last night. coronavirus testing is free. paid sick leave, food assistance for the needy, get the word out to your citizens. on testing, as we have said many times, and we work with you
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through state labs and certified labs, and the cdc testing is available in all 50 states. we want you to be aware if you have questions about availability and your state, you obviously can talk to your state health department and health-care providers. i want every governor to know the cousin the public-private partnership president ford's with our commercial labs, laboratories are coming online literally by the hour. when they are done, we will have 2000 labs stood up around the country. your health care providers will know where those resources are. your state department will know where those resources are. we encourage you to bring your team together. important to note, while tens of thousands of more tests are
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being performed literally every presidentill the signed last night also included a provision that states and private labs must report all coronavirus testing results to the cdc. stateize that to your health department, your health care providers, encourage them to pull together today before the end of business. we are rapidly expanding testing around the country, but as dr. birx will reflect on, we want to be sure we are getting the results of that testing to be informed about that, and the american people can have full visibility on the testing as well. she will also explain we will see as testing is ramping up today and tomorrow, we will see an increased number of cases. we want to give context to you and your citizens about that. on supplies, president trump has
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been engaging industry leaders in the supply chain across the country to make sure equipment and medical supplies are broadly available. on the subject of masks, many governors, i have talked to them about n95 masks. in the build a president signed last night, we have unlocked tens of millions of n95 masks. what the president asked congress to do is extend liability protection to all industrial n95 masks so they can be readily sold to your hospitals and care providers. we urge you to communicate that to your health care providers, your hospitals today to let them know that supply has dramatically increased, and they can place orders.
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your construction companies are in possession of a lot of n95 industrial masks, and the president is urging them to donate those masks to the local hospitals and clinics. on the subject of than a leaders, we are currently serving health care providers around the country and suppliers, and i am pleased to report we have already identified tens of thousands of than a leaders including -- tens of thousands of ventilators, including ventilators to treat coronavirus patients. your action on that in your state, you should survey your outpatient surgical centers to identify the type of respirators that can be converted. dr. birx has been working with suppliers. there is a changed that that has to be attached -- a changed vent
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that has to be attached, but literally tens of thousands of ventilators will be available because of the survey underway. the other point we want to emphasize, at the direction of the cdc and the coronavirus task force, we are encouraging hospitals and every american to postpone elective surgery. please explain to your citizens that this will have a direct impact on hospital capacity. by suspending elective surgeries, we free up more space in hospital including respirators. dr. birx explained many people aquire respirators because of surgery gone wrong. this frees up more capacity across the board. it is not lost on any of the governors here, by standing up fema, you now have essentially created a structure that every
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inernor is the milieu with dealing with disasters and emergencies. we have activated all emergency support functions and interagency functions here. all federal run response to states through the national coordination center and through fema. this center is fully operational. teams thattell your connected to your states through regional administrators. this will be familiar to all of you. any questions that you have, the only thing i would ask on the president's behalf, if issues arise in your state, begin with your regional fema administrator . literally 20,000 people work for fema, you know what incredible people they are, and they are
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ready to go to work. with that, i might turn it over to dr. birx with your permission, and she will reflect on what we know about the data and the spread of the disease. thank you for your leadership, and what you are doing to implement the coronavirus guidelines. it is an honor to serve with all of you. dr. birx: you should have received analysis of cross andstry analyzed by state in counties with more than 50 cases. 50% of cases are in three states. is the primary states of california, washington and new york. and captive in new orleans. we are concerned for urban areas where social distancing is crucial.
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the issue of increasing spread due to contaminated counters and things in restaurants and bars, as well as movie theaters, is absolutely critical. i know you are concerned about hospitals, but critically you need to make sure medical and surgical procedures and dental procedures have been canceled. that your outpatient surgical centers to be your surge capacity, those ventilators can be converted to be used. solvework together to this, unlocking the masks from construction was absolutely key, as well as the ventilators
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situation. beenederal government has proactive in ensuring we decrease bureaucracy barriers. we believe innovations will continue to come on the field, and we appreciate your front-line workers informing us about the changes. it is important we are tracking data on a county by county, because we can look at whether mitigation is working. this will only be solved if every person in every community takes responsibility to ensure they are following the presidential guidelines put out several days ago. we will stay in close to communication with all of you through fema. we are excited about the activation of fema to provide a stay in so we can closer to medication and ensure we have prioritized our stockpiled elements.
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reporting becomes critical. if we cannot see it, we do not know how to unlock the stockpiles. testing will be absolutely essential, as well as hospital understandso that we exactly what is required from the federal government. pres. trump: thank you very much. briefence: just two points on the subject of testing. the u.s. public health service has built a model that so many states have begun drive-through testing, and are doing yeoman's work in that space. supportive of that going forward, and are rolling that out. the last point, we want to
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encourage every governor on this call to convene your leading health-care providers today to take inventory of your medical supply needs, and we urge you to remind them that they need to look to their supply chains first. ,e will prioritize accordingly and any states in the middle of critical response, know that we will work with you to get you what you need. other states need to talk to your health leaders, providers, and make sure they are going to the supply chain. we encourage you to pull together today to emphasize that point. pres. trump: president trump: thank you very much. the fda has approved compassionate use for a significant number of patients. , a common malaria
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drug. it has been relatively safe. it showed very encouraging early results, really encouraging. if this works as hopefully as it might. the fda, which would have taken our greatdo under secretary -- the head of the fda has been fantastic. he got it approved very quickly. it is approved. we are encouraging you to take a look at it. we have ordered a lot of it. you can too. it is by prescription. it is a powerful drug for malaria and also for various
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serious arthritis. we think it has a very good impact on what we are talking about with respect to the virus. you can coordinate with us. to me, that is a game changer. youvaccines are fine, but need -- we are making tremendous progress, but it takes a while to test it. we are studying other therapies produced by gilead. it is called remdesivir. a company is also working hard on a drug. they are doing very well. successfulp with a solution to ebola.
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they have been a fantastic company. we have some great things. the drugs i mentioned are very good, but especially if you look at the first dimension, could -- first mention, could be a total game changer. this is by prescription. states can issue it. we have an approved by the fda. i think it will be very interesting to see. we will know quickly. andave had very good test it has been successful. to me, that is the most important thing anyone can say, if it works. i want to thank the fda for moving quickly. this would have taken years and they got it done almost immediately. who is the next governor, please?
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hi pete. >> hello, mr. president. thank you for your leadership. the key things we are hearing from people are around -- you are on the right track. we need to expand access. three things to bring to your attention. and we has been swabbed have a test kit, we are working to conserve the reagent. my colleagues are out. if you put attention into the cdc how we get reagent out -- r eagents out. second thing, child care. following your directive on monday, we reduced groups to 10
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people, but we need alternative daycare for first responders, anyone involved in public safety. thated a waiver to do quickly. i want to put that on your radar screen to take a look at that. finally, guidance from the department of education on appropriate education requirements. we have someone work with school officers on a temporary approach. have attorneys in some schools telling my teachers they can do anything because they will get sued because of state requirements. if we could have temporary guidance to allow flexibility. forols are not operating students. we would like to use them for other things. president trump: we will get back to you. great job you are doing.
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who is our next governor? next? >> hey, mr. president. this is governor baker from massachusetts. first i want to thank you for signing the family first act. that will certainly provide needed resources to all of us. i will echo the argument of the governors made that more flexibility is better than less. i have two things on the ppe issue, a huge issue for all of us. can you speak about the guidance on the implementation of the defense production act with respect to man up and addition
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and generate additional capacity? the second thing, i will just throw it out there -- we took weiously the push that should not rely on the stockpile putput in orders and pressure on manufacturers and distributors. on three big orders, we lost to the fed. could you give some of these guys some guidance? if states are doing what the feds want to create their own supply chain, people should be responsive? is between you and me, i will lose every one of those. president trump: we like seeing what you can get. price is a component also.
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maybe that is why you lost to the fed. i will ask mike to discuss that. we have some brand-new information. v.p. pence: we will take that back. secretary of hhs is here. all theto facilitate providers health care to access the supply chain. on the defense production act, thepresident has activated defense production act, but not initiated action underneath it. as the president brought together leaders of business and mr. president, you
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talked about the spirit to ramp up to meet the needs of health care providers. yetpresident has not exercised his authority under the defense production act. ishink the perception american industry is stepping forward aggressively. make morentinue to ppe available. president trump: for everyone, the country has stepped up. i don't think we have seen it in decades. it is incredible how they stepped up. thank you, charlie. next governor. >> this is larry hogan. iswant to thank you for ths
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call today and the great communication you had with governors. thank you for signing the second stimulus and for your ongoing efforts to mitigate the economic impact. thank you for appointing vice president pence. he has been terrific in reaching out to us. yesterday we had a meeting of governors. getting bombarded by different questions. we tried to consolidate them to a group of concerns. last night with the white house and want to raise those issues, some of which you already covered. i want to summarize.
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most were the ones the consensus on. dedicate at least 50% of supplemental funding to the states, including direct funding . withave done a great job this funding. we are in a good position at the state level to get the money out faster. you are doing the stimulus and getting the checks out to people. if we have money in the states, we can utilize it faster. , every governor is trying to work with you about increasing access to ppe's, mass accelerating
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production, lifesaving equipment . 50t is something all governors have at the top of the list. appointeesrom your from the council of governors about supporting title 32 authorization to give governors more flexibility with their national guards. it helps us pay those folks. we activated 2200 guard members in our state. all 10 of your appointees are on this call. providing guidance on implementation of the defense , give someact thoughts about how the states can be more involved. morey, allowing us
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flexibility for the completion of the census and real id. we are trying to not force people into mva's so we don't have people trying to get renewals of licensing. thee are things all governors want to address. i want to thank you. you have a terrific team. i want to limit the people bothering you directly and blowing up the phones. what weo reiterate talked about last night, going through the normal fema process. it is great you are so willing to help governors personally. better if youppen have more people addressing these issues. that is a summary. thank you. president trump: i think the
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fema is going to go great. we have done so much work with fema. tennesseeornado in and last year a big tornado in alabama. we worked with california in the big forest fires. fema does the job like no other. i know they will be a tremendous help. i would like you to call steven mnuchin, give him detail so that while we are doing this -- we are getting a lot of cooperation from republicans and democrats . thank you very much. next governor, please. mr. president,
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before the next governor speaks, if peter gaynor could give us a couple minutes. governor hogan, we appreciate your affirmation of the have all's decision to the state requests and resources funnel through a customary system at fema. mr. president, with your permission? >> welcome to the national response coordination center. leading internal response to the pandemic. we are prepared to do this for the long haul. the health and safety of the american people is my top priority. the hhs crisis action task force
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and federal partners fully integrated at fema's national response coordination center. all 10 fema centers have been activated to support ongoing response efforts. currently there are 50 states, five territories and one tribe -b fundingved the 501 for covid-19. needs fromt fema everyone. regional administrators will determine the type and support you need as you continue to respond to this dynamic threat. successful when it is state managed and federally supported. have unmetif you
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your, speak them to regional fema administrator. i need your help in emphasizing that at the local and county level you should funnel questions up from the state, regionalhe fema administrators. aboutwe issued guidance what eligible protective are.res thessued guidance for defense production act. i thank everyone for your continued partnership. we will get through this tea.her as a president trump: in addition to general that the
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you know, the army corps of engineers, involved in a couple of location specifically. he is busy. he is a good builder. thank you for being here. next governor, please. >> this is gina raymundo from rhode island. president trump: hi. go ahead. can you hear me? >> sorry about that. good afternoon. i want to echo what others have gratitude fory
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your transparency, especially the vice president who has been generous in getting on the phone with me a few times. i welcome the opportunity to work with fema. prior to coming to d.c., pete here. was my ema director president trump: that is great. >> i agree with everything said. i want to add a few other points. one, we are following your direction and passing hospitals to suspend elective surgeries. that is an incredibly important source of revenue to hospitals. as you are putting together the next round of stimulus, i would ask you to consider direct and sizable stimulus to our
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hospitals. thing is -- secretary mnuchin agreed with this yesterday -- i would ask to short-terme liquidity needs of states. as our revenue falls off a cliff, we may need access to capital markets to deal with short-term liquidity. that would be helpful. in amay need that help matter of weeks, not months. i fully support what has been as ked for as it relates to block grants. all of us are on the ground and need flexibility to quickly
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react to the needs of small businesses. we will have to do our best to help them. thank you for having me call. incredibly helpful. president trump: thank you. we will look into those points strongly. please, go ahead. governor of utah. you mr. president and vice president. we appreciate the suggestions. it is helpful as we look at best practices. one thing i would like to suggest is what we can do. people are uncertain. they are afraid. , howed to bring certainty
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long we have to tread water. the stock market is in kind of a freefall. theas we look at utah, economy is still doing pretty good. we can do.- what practices, what we can do as work arounds. people in the hospitality industry, what can they do in their restaurants to keep people shutdown.r than total example, golf is a great activity where we have few people and an open space. golf courses taught to be -- ought to be a place of
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recreation. do,s not just what we can but best practices to adapt, innovate and succeed. i would like to hear more optimism. it gives hope and confidence in the future. think we will be a rocketship as soon as we beat the invisible enemy. it is in over 140 countries. it moves fast. it is very contagious. we stppepped up. a lot of good things are going to happen. back veryt will come fast. we are poised to come back very
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fast. hopefully it will be far sooner rather than later. i appreciate it. next governor, please. >> this is the governor from michigan. michigan relies on a lot of medical care professionals coming across the canadian border. i am not going to waste your time echoing the comments my colleagues made. made rateful that they them. autoted to touch on the industry. my colleagues across the country have serious investments from
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the auto industry. we are concerned about liquidity up and down the supply chain. conversationshat have been around industry. sector frontthis and center. ensuringmmitted to they have a path to prosperity. president trump: you are right 100%. we will be helping the auto industry out. they requested some help. it wasn't their fault what happened. i appreciate your comments. next governor, please. >> this is governor jb
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pritzker of illinois. i want to express my gratitude to your staff and others working in your administration. they have done yeoman work in being responsive. thank you, mr. vice president, neededurning calls as we more answers about testing. that is what i wanted to ask about. we understand the drive-through testing across the country, we but to see it in illinois, we understand there are only provided to uss in illinois 40's drive-through then there iss,
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no more promise after that. i want to understand what will happen. this is a day or two days of testing. 5000will happen after the run out? president trump: the states have done a lot of that themselves working in conjunction with us. >> thank you. we are effectively transitioning to large-scale testing by leveraging all components of our american health care system, including labs, hospitals. wetween march 2 and march 14, made available 10.4 million
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tests to the u.s. population. we anticipate by march 28 that number will be 27.6 million tests according to the fda. the fda of supplies, has made available a number of o ptions for supplies. ureyou don't have cult mediums, you can use sterile saline. in general, the commercial market is working extraordinarily well. the cdc and public health laboratories to date conducted over 45,000 tests. large clinical laboratories conducted over 63,000 tests, were-- of which 20,000
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done yesterday. we don't have the tens of thousands of hospitals. before i get to your question, fda os aval by the testing -- of a testing system is important to your hospital system. 175 of these systems across the country. 000 tests were released yesterday with one million more coming in the next week. they can do 500 tests per day within your hospital system. in terms of your drive-through, we are on 47 sites. fema regional
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we cantrators how support you. dozenl have more than a starting tomorrow. we gave the initial allocation, throughant you to work yourfema system to give requirements. we will bring that back through the fema system. demand foreen great these drive-through centers. 5000, provide more than but we did not want to give away so much at the beginning. >> we want to take advantage of the supplies you are talking
10:30 pm
about. is while you are providing test kits, we don't have the reagents, the swabs. we have to go to the market to find it, but it is being monopolized by the federal government program. problem is if we don't have reagents or swabs, we can't do more tests. being provided to illinois for drive-through's are not enough going forward. swabs toeagants and expand more rapidly. our hospitals are doing amazing own testingeir capability.
10:31 pm
theeally need this supply federal government has access to, that we are competing with the federal government for. president trump: that shouldn't be a problem. will you answer that? thet is not true that drive-through centers are monopolizing the market. e get the kids through the -- kits through the commercial market. when i was asked about shortage, i went to the commercial market and got 2000 and shipped htem to -- them to states who couldn't find it. access your states toth acquire them. intoe fully integrated
10:32 pm
fema. andppreciate the enthusiasm there will be more than 5000 available to you. president trump: last night we bought 250,000 swabs distributed neededous states that them the most. tb, any problem, call me up, bu there should be no problem. >> it is easy to follow the federal response to the coronavirus outbreak at track the spread with interactive maps and charts. watch briefings with public health specialists anytime, unfiltered, at >> c-span's washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. johns hopkins,
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school of public health discusses the developments in the coronavirus outbreak. then a member of the new york city council who recently tested positive for coronavirus talks about his experience and new york city's response to the upper. watch washington journal live at 7:00 a.m. eastern friday morning. join the discussion. >> i think the other thing we and seeing similar to 1918 the years of cholera is a mixture of fear, anxiety, and some example of panic. on the other hand, not taking things seriously enough, especially in the u.s. during 1980. the -- 1918. -- range of responses
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easterny at 8:00 p.m. on c-span's q&a. maryland governor larry hogan held a press conference on his state's -- his coronavirus response efforts. he says access has been restricted at baltimore washington airport. this is half an hour. gov. hogan: good morning. last night, it was my sad duty to report the first death in maryland as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. a prince george's county resident in his 60's with underlying health conditions, and no known travel history.